On if he’s anxious to get out and practice on Wednesdays

“You always like to be out there. I’m just kind of following [Head Athletic Trainer Steve Antonopulos] ‘Greek’ and the doctors’ orders. There haven’t been that many [Wednesdays missed].”

On if he feels like he has to step his game up when facing an elite QB like Tom Brady

“Our offense knows what kind of challenge our defense is facing going against Tom and that offense. We’re studying film all week of their defense and the multiple looks they give you. It’s been impressive. They’ve had a number of major injuries yet they really apply that ‘next man up’ philosophy and they’ve had some different guys step in and do a great job. But we know we’re going to have to be on our game offensively, because their offense is capable of scoring points, scoring points quickly, and certainly if you had a lead how quickly they’re able to come back because of Tom and that offense. So we feel like we do have to be on our game offensively in order to compete.”

On the philosophy behind aiming to be a quarterback that gets rid of the ball quickly

“It’s hard to say. I’ve always believed that quarterbacks have to be fast thinkers, be able to make quick decisions; kind of ‘fast-twitched’ was a term I was taught at a young age at quarterback, being a ‘fast-twitched’ thinker and decision maker. So it’s just trying to get the ball to the open guy. They talk about kind of lag time on a throw. In other words, if a DB is breaking on the ball, the sooner I can get that to that receiver, that gives him a chance to catch it, secure it, and possibly make a move on that defensive back. I’ve always worked on that—getting it to [WR Demaryius Thomas] ‘D.T.’ and all the guys as soon as possible. Getting it out of your hand I think it does help your offensive line. It’s not a case or a play where you want to hold it for 4-5 seconds. Usually anything over three seconds is probably a bonus in pro football today, so you have to make a good, quick decision post snap and use any kind of knowledge you can gain pre snap in order to get the ball out of your hands.”

On having faced Brady a number of times and people constantly comparing the two quarterbacks and their success

“We’ve played against each other a number of times. Of course we were playing them twice a year because we were playing them in the playoffs and they were in our division at one point back in Indy, back in 2001. We both finished first place in the division a lot. It seems like I sure do go there a lot—out there to Foxborough. I don’t know how that always works, I guess it’s always random they say, but it’s been strange how that works out (laughing). Like I said, I think it’s pretty well documented my respect for Tom as a quarterback, the way he prepares, just the way he is better each season than the one before, which tells you how he obviously approached the offseason, takes care of his body, challenges himself every single year. Those are a couple of the many things that are impressive about him as a quarterback.”

On how last year’s loss to the Patriots fueled the 2012 Denver Broncos

“It’s hard to say what it was. I think we realized if we weren’t going to stop making some mistakes, stop turning the ball over, having mental errors, that it wasn’t going to be tough to win, especially against good teams. I don’t know the statistics, but I do remember we had a chance early in the game to possibly get the lead and we had a turnover. I know we had some communication issues on both sides of the ball, and you just can’t have those things. But that was early in the season for kind of a new team—certainly a new offense. I feel like we did improve from that point on. But when you’re playing those guys up there, it’s just a tough place to play and you have to be on top of your game from an execution standpoint.”

On how colder weather affects offenses

“It’s hard to say. Certain games will provide different situations—from a defensive standpoint, from a weather standpoint. I do think that we do want to emphasize running the football from this point on. A: when you get into possibly a weather situation when it’s not ideal to throw it all over the field. And B: I think it helps our team. It provides some balance for our offensive line—a team whose not just pinning their ears back rushing the passer every single play, they have to honor the run. I think it helps the receivers, maybe that safety is not just focused on the double team and on D.T. [and he] has to honor the run a little bit more. I think those things can help our offense, it runs a little more time on the clock possibly and maybe doesn’t allow you to score as many points but if it allows you to possess the football and win the football game then that’s what we have to do.”

On facing PatriotsHead Coach Bill Belichick so many times

“I’ve played against Coach Belichick when he was a defensive coordinator a number of times—not a number of times but four times when he was there. Even though he hasn’t been the defensive coordinator, as a head coach it’s definitely his defense that they’re playing. You certainly feel like he has a great influence on the different defensive coordinators they’ve had when I’ve been there, whether it’s [Romeo] Crennel or [Eric] Mangini, and all the different ones and then [Defensive Coordinator Matt] Patricia now. They’re always well-coached, they’re always well disciplined. I think they’re fourth in penalties this year, which seems pretty consistent theme for their team. They don’t make a lot of mistakes or give you an easy 15-yarder, a 15-yard penalty. So I’d say well-coached, disciplined, and those are a couple of things that jump out about their teams.”

On if he’s adapted his game plan over the years when facing Belichick

“These are questions for him. Good luck getting a good answer from him on that (laughing). I’m not the one to speak on the theme. Like I said, every time you play their football team I would say you’re playing a well-coached, disciplined team and in my opinion, that starts with the head coach.” 

On if after facing Belichick 17 times he feels like he understands what’s going on in his head

“No, I don’t (laughing). I would not, I could not, say that.”

On WR Wes Welker’s impact on the Broncos this season

“Wes has a great work ethic and he’s provided good leadership to our offense. He was voted captain, which is a real credit to him in his first year. And he’s provided real leadership to that wide receiver position with some young players there. He loves football. He’s a tough guy. He plays through injuries. Those are things you appreciate about a football player, especially one playing in that slot position when he’s taking a lot of hits and playing a physical game every single Sunday. He always wants to be in there and is ready to go on the next play. So those are a couple of things I appreciate about Welker.” 

On if Welker has spoken to him about playing this week against his former team

“I think Wes wants to be out there every single week. I can’t speak for him in this particular week, returning to his old team. But I think Wes wants to be out there for the fourth preseason game if the team would let him play. It’s just kind of how he’s played his career out. He’s kind of a guy that just is going to be in there, doesn’t take anything for granted. I think that’s a pretty consistent theme of Welker.”


On what extra work a quarterback must do when playing in a new offense with new players

“I feel like the offseason work is important when you know you’re going to have a number of new guys that you’re playing with. At the same time, you just can’t simulate in the offseason what it’s going to be like in the regular season—different scenarios, a two-minute drill, a different third-down defense you’re going to see. You just have to go through all those things and you’re so much better the second time around. That second two-minute drill—I can’t speak for them but I know I know they had that successful two-minute drill against the Saints to win it and I’ve got to believe that was a result of something that came up earlier. All I know is when I’ve played with new receivers, every single practice, every single walkthrough, it’s just so important and trying to get on the same page, but yet experience is still your best teach. What you like to do is try to get as many different situations and experiences in early in the season and use those to your benefit in the second half of the season.”

 Quotes from Broncos Media Department

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